Happiness Begins Here

Are you engaged, newly married or in a long term relationship that feels like something is missing and need a tune up? Or just want to make a great marriage even better? Then this is the marriage workshop for you! Marlon & Doreen Cliffe are certified Gottman Educators for the 7 Principals for Making Marriage Work workshop. Their enthusiasm for restoring relationships comes from their own story of a failing marriage . They know what it feels like to be unhappy in marriage, they know the frustration, the silence and distance that can develop over time. They have been at gridlock with each other, not knowing how to fix their marriage... The good news is that they have also experienced restoration and happiness in their marriage and they can show you how to experience this too!

During this workshop, couples will learn and practice successful, research based principals:

After years of research observing couples, John Gottman can observe a couple for just 15 minutes and make predictions of divorce with a 91% accuracy. Gottman has zeroed in on what makes or breaks a marriage and this is what we’ll be sharing with you in the 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work workshopJoin us... 7 simple principals, a little time, intentional commitment and you're on your way to a restored marriage... HAPPINESS CAN BEGIN HERE!


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Thursday Nights 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Cost: $129/couple

Includes: Book "7 Principals For Making Marriage Work", 2 Workbooks,

Love Maps & Open Ended Question Card Decks

  • How to identify the crazy cycle and undo the craziness

  • Learn how to make conflict successful

  • Identify solvable and perpetual problems

  • Communicate in ways that nurture friendship

  • Build trust and deepen intimacy

  • Create shared meaning in life